Monday, September 27, 2010

busking for change

Last Tuesday I was wandering downtown Toronto and I ran into Raine Maida(the lead singer of Our Lady Peace, one of my all time fav bands)and he was busking for war child on Much music.
I was there early and got talking to Raine, he's a great guy and I definitely appreciate his music so much more after meeting him. I had my camera of course so these are some photos I snapped of the day.


figure study

I recently moved into a studio apartment and I have been itching to shoot something creative. I was lucky enough to get my great friend Karen to pose for me. She did an amazing job and we always have so much fun together. She has grown into a beautiful woman (not that she wasn't before) and it has been a pleasure to watch her grow both creatively and mentally. LOVE YOU GIRL

for more images check out my


So this month I did some work and I got picked up by two magazines.

-T&M Magazine
available in print

-off the map
online only

I have no interest in this "woman", but these photos are phenomenal

last day of work

i work hard.