Friday, February 17, 2012

it's been a while...

It has been quite some time since I have updated my blog. During my vacancy i have done some much needed traveling, which in turn has led me to new chapter of photography. I have always had an interest in photographing people, for every reason I don't need to explain. Also, if anyone of you know me personally you know that I have clocked in some serious hours shooting commercially and after serious self reflection I had to leave my job. Photography is not my last resort, or my "how to get rich quick" option. It means more to me, it means everything. Over these past few months I have pondered many topics, money, photography, human rights, and human behavior. Which have creatively overflowed my mind with many ideas but not knowing which idea to execute (hense my lack of updates) Before I traveled to Thailand this past October I spent some time in my home town, here are some photos.

Getting in touch with my roots never hurt.

After no internet(kind of a good thing) and many days driving along the flat plain, Brad and I were off to Thailand.
Thailand: The Las Vegas of Asia..Yes and No. Your own choice, your own demise if need be.
Here the thought of money, poverty and population struck many conversations.
I spent alot of time observing, something I love to do to meditate, and something you really miss doing when your caught up in "work life". Therefore many of my photographs are calm, I needed to release.

When we returned to Canada, Brad and I attended the anti ford protest just outside of city hall. I do not want to discuss my political views online, but I will say that everyone should experience a protest or rally at one point, the ability to voice your own against the opposition, to fight for a greater cause..all leads to a great hope.
All of these comments reflect on my opening statement, I guess what my bigger question has been to find my own truth. This new world of technology and disposable life has really blurred the minds of many people, even my own to be honest. Being caught up on facebook or twitter leads you to a life of judgement and whatever happens that day on minifeed will all be forgotten tomorrow. So does that mean my work will all disapear within days, hours or even minutes? So be it, my new goal is to photograph the truth. The bold and ugly, but for me I'll try to see the beauty in it. You know what they say..the truth will set you free. Ahh I hope so.

Hopefully my rants make some sense..I am a photographer not a writer. I still can't really write what I think but here's my first try in a long time. Bare with me.